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AlisynCamerotaSmileAlisyn Camerota is an anchor for 'Fox & friends', the #1 cable morning news show, and a national correspondent based in New York for the FOX News Channel.

At FNC, Alisyn has covered most major news stories. She anchored during much of the beginning of the Iraq War, including the moment when U.S. troops entered Baghdad and seized Saddam Hussein's palace. She was live on the air at the moment the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded and spearheaded FNC's coverage for the next two hours.

Similarly when news broke that a Rhode Island Nightclub had gone up in flames with hundreds trapped inside, Alisyn anchored the network's breaking news coverage live for four consecutive hours. Alisyn also anchored the live breaking story of the London subway/bus bombings.  Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Alisyn reported from Ground Zero and the Pentagon. Internationally, Alisyn covered the 11-day ceremonial funeral of Britain's Queen Mum from London as well as the U.S. Cardinals meeting at the Vatican in Rome.

Alisyn regularly hosts FOX & Friends, the 3-hour network morning show, plus FOX News Live and the evening newscast the FOX Report.

For more information about Alisyn Camerota you can read her biography page on the Alisyn website or her biography at Fox News.